Even though Volvo is now almost a hundred years old, their commitment to quality and innovation remains unchanged. For example, we here at Volvo Cars St. Louis in the O'Fallon and Clayton area are pleased to announce that Volvo has some very nice options for electric vehicles. Allow us to present to you the all-new Volvo Recharge line up of hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and fully-electric cars and SUVs.

Discover Volvo Recharge Near Kirkwood

If you are looking for some great hybrid and electric options, then look no further than Volvo! They have the following models for you to choose from:

XC40 Recharge (Fully Electric)

XC60 Recharge (Plug-In Hybrid)

V60 Recharge (Plug-In Hybrid)

S90 Recharge (Plug-In Hybrid)

S60 Recharge (Plug-In Hybrid)

How Does Driving An Electric Or Hybrid Car Work?

A fully electric or hybrid car will usually work by having a battery pack located within the engine or the trunk. You usually can recharge the car either by plugging it into a wall socket or by finding a dedicated charging unit. Although it can increase your utility bill to drive a fully electric car, in the long-run you may save as much as a thousand dollars or more per year because you won't be using any gasoline. That's why we here at Volvo St. Louis are so enthused about these electric and hybrid models produced by Volvo.

Why Buy A Volvo Electric or Hybrid Vehicle?

There are many reasons why you should consider driving one of these electric or hybrid vehicles. First of all, these vehicles have significantly lower emissions than the typical vehicle that is dependent on gasoline or diesel. Additionally, an electric or hybrid vehicle from Volvo has the capability to react a lot quicker, due in part to the fact that it has more torque. In some cases, you can even control charging with a smartphone app.

Buy Or Lease a Volvo Recharge Near Webster Groves

For these and many other reasons, it is time for you to come to our showroom and reserve your electric or hybrid Volvo today!

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