Are you looking for that perfect used SUV that will last and keep your family safe around St. Louis? Then you may want to look at what Volvo has to offer. Known for its leading safety features, Volvo has created a number of popular SUVs that have become some excellent bargains on the used SUV market. Here we will take a look at some of the top Volvo SUV models and explain why they are a great choice when buying used.

The small SUV with a big following

The Volvo XC60 is a small SUV that offers room for up to five passengers and has an excellent reputation for long term reliability. This vehicle is engineered to withstand harsh weather and off-road environments. If you are looking to go off the beaten path in the O'Fallon area, the XC60 has the toughness and the advanced engineering to handle it all. Also, the XC60 offers many comfort features to keep you and your passengers at ease during any road trip.

The XC90 is the flagship bargain of used luxury SUVs

If you are looking to drive a Volvo SUV with the most power, the most luxurious features and top reliability, then you will want to look at the XC90. This is the flagship mid-size SUV that has the best that Volvo has to offer. You can buy a four or five-year-old XC90 and be sure that it will last for years. Also, the cutting edge technology on the XC90 means that your used Volvo will be more advanced than many new mid-size SUVs.

Why you need a reliable SUV in the Clayton area

The weather in the Kirkwood area can change quickly. Also, you want to have a vehicle that can handle the many changes in terrain. That's why you want an SUV that you can rely on day to day. Volvos have been engineered to handle the most demanding changes in weather and terrain in Scandinavia. That means all Volvo SUVs will be ready to handle anything in the Webster Grove area.

If you are interested in driving a quality, used Volvo SUV, then visit Volvo Cars St. Louis in today and we can get you set up with a test drive.

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